Division 9 (Coal Division)

Mid Central Region

National Model Railroad Association



Welcome to the web site for the Coal Division, more formally known as Division 9 of the Mid Central Region  of the National Model Railroad Association. Division 9 includes much of West Virginia south of Clarksburg, parts of southeastern Ohio, and a  few counties in extreme northeastern Kentucky.  Click the About Us tab  to learn more.  We welcome all guests at our meetings and hope that once you meet us you will be interested in joining.

The purpose of the Coal Division is to educate the public and to promote the hobby of model railroading and the history of railroads in America.

The June issue of Up The Holler, our monthly newsletter, is now available.

Our next event will be June 12 at the St. Albans Historical Society and it will also be available via Zoom.  The doors will open at 12:30 PM with the meeting at 1 PM.  The program will be on the installation of interiors into DPM kits.  The contest will be non-revenue equipment.

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