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Click here to see the status of Coal Division members’ Achievement Program progress. 

Many modelers seem to have the impression that meeting the  requirements for the various Achievement Program certificates involves  an incredible amount of documentation. In order to show that this is not entirely true, check the links below.  They will lead you to  documentation prepared by members of the Coal Division and submitted for Achievement Program certificate approval.  Each document was actually  submitted and accepted for the certificate indicated.  You may be  pleasantly surprised by the small amount of writing involved in some  cases. As more members submit more documentation, those documents will  be posted here.

Master Builder - Cars

Model Railroad Engineer - Electrical

Master Builder - Scenery

In order to make model judging a bit more efficient, we ask  that you have a judging sheet for your model completed and ready for the judges.  Also, please have the required description of your work  prepared and available for the judges.  This is the document that will  be passed along for review at the regional and national levels. It must be adequate to convince those reviewers that you did merit quality  work. We suggest you review the judging guidelines and write your  document in a way that will address the points the judges will be  looking at.

Links to helpful documents:

Motive  Power Judging Sheet

Cars Judging Sheet

Structures  Judging Sheet

Scenery Judging Sheet

Civil  Engineering Judging Sheet

Prototype Models Judging Sheet

Judging  Guidelines

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